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Gojko Nikolić ; Tekstilno–tehnološki fakultet, Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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In this paper are presented basic elements of
intelligent clothing, technical solutions, as well
as the direction of their development. It is given
the definition of intelligent clothing, its division,
and the application on selected examples is also
presented in this paper. The list with several
studies that address some existing problems of
intelligent clothing such as duration of power and
ways of charging, wiring and the like is part of
this paper. The original and patented solutions
built on Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb
are presented. Intelligent clothing inevitably
becomes an everyday routine, not only in areas
such as military, police and similar services, but
also as a welcome help for patients and can also
facilitate daily life for the most of users. The
paper stresses the opportunity, which due to high
costs vanishing textile industry in the EU, the
same textile industry can get with a reorientation
to intelligent clothing. For such reorientation
is necessary not only to modify the structure
of production, but also to change the system of
accompanying education that becomes highly

Ključne riječi
intelligent clothing; wearable computer; smart textile materials

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