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Goran Combaj ; Privredna banka Zagreb d.d.
Danijela Pongrac ; Zagreb University of Applied Sciences, Zagreb, Croatia
Dubravko Žigman ; Zagreb University of Applied Sciences, Zagreb, Croatia

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G. Combaj, D. Pongrac i D. Žigman, "GETVPN ENKRIPCIJA", Polytechnic and design, vol.3, br. 2, str. 233-239, 2015. [Online].

In today’s era of computer communications,
the companies, trying to reduce the costs, are
centralizing their services in database centres.
Therefore, communication is provided via IP
traffic using hired tunnels where the issue of
data transport security arises between a user’s
working station and service in a database centre.
Specialized companies like Cisco tried to solve
the issue by developing the IP traffic encryption
technology for their devices using standard
encryption algorithms. New technologies have
been developed, which can be used regardless of
the transmission media. One of the technologies
that attracts the interest of network administrators
is Cisco GET VPN.

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