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The Experience of School and Grading by Students

Katarina Kavić ; Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Kavić, K. (2017). KAKO UČENICI DOŽIVLJAVAJU ŠKOLU I OCJENJIVANJE. Život i škola, LXIII (2), 87-95. Preuzeto s
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The aim of this study was to discover the perspective of eighth grade students that live in Zagreb on grades and grading in order to achieve a better understanding of their behavior, and motivation for learning. A qualitative approach was used to answer the following questions: what students expect from school, how do they percieve teachers, what grades mean to pupils, on what grade depends and what would students like to change in the education system. Data were collected using the method of focus groups. A total of three focus groups with students from three primary schools form Zagreb were held.
The resulting data was analyzed using a thematic analysis, and four themes were identified: expectations from school, perceived role of a teacher, school grading experience, and desired changes in the education system. The most important findings emerged from the experience of school grades. Students perceived grades as a precondition for future education and choice of profession, and they emphasized that grades were a major barrier for enrolling in the desired school/college, as well as for choosing the desired profession in the future. Students explained that grades were not a reflection of knowledge but rather a reflection of the subjectivity of each individual professor. The basic message of this study is that grades are not a reflection of knowledge but are the basis for future life and education.

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Focus groups; grading system; perspective of students; qualitative methodology; schools

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