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Haemodynamic monitors in laparoscopy

MARKO ŽLIČAR   ORCID icon ; University medical centre Ljubljana, Zaloška 2, Ljubljana

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M. ŽLIČAR, "Haemodynamic monitors in laparoscopy", Signa vitae, vol.Volume 14, br. Supplement 1, str. 18-20, 2018. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 05.04.2020.]

Laparoscopic procedures are ofen performed
on high risk surgical patients that
could beneft from close haemodynamic
monitoring and goal directed fuid therapy.
Pneumoperitoneum has been shown to infuence
haemodynamic variables and alter
arterial pressure waveform upon which
many minimally invasive haemodynamic
monitors rely. Tere are a few individual
studies verifying various less invasive
haemodynamic devices. With the possible
exception of oesophageal Doppler, their
measurements under pneumoperitoneum
conditions are less reliable. Besides modifying
reliability of monitors, pneumoperitoneum
possibly also exerts independent
infuence on haemodynamic variables,
such as lowering predictive value of pulse
pressure variation for fuid responsiveness.

Ključne riječi
pneumoperitoneum; laparoscopy; haemodynamic monitoring

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