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Economic Trends and Economic Policy, Vol.13 No.95 July 2003.

Original scientific paper

Troubles with Regional Policy

Ivana Rašić
Nenad Starc

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Rašić, I., Starc, N. (2003). NEVOLJE S REGIONALNOM POLITIKOM. Privredna kretanja i ekonomska politika, 13(95), 48-86. Retrieved from

Efficient regional policy presupposes well defined policy subject, strategic goals, programs, measures, monitoring and well coordinated bearers. Croatian regional policy fulfills none of these. The subject (region) has not been defined in an unified manner and there is no strategy. The proposed regionalization based on European Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) has not been applied yet. In the other hand, laws have been passed defining development measures in war affected areas, islands and mountain districts. Effects of the measures have not been monitored on national nor on county level. Besides, majority of counties, municipalities and towns are unable to perform their public functions. Existing impetus for improvements of the regional policy is not sufficient. Improvements can come about due to pressures coming from the European Union.

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