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The Architecture of the Church of St Spyridon in Skradin

Branko Čolović ; Srpsko kulturno društvo »Prosvjeta«, Zagreb

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The construction of the new Church of St Spyridon in Skradin, initiated in 1863, lasted for the whole three decades and ended with the completion of façade belfries; despite this fact, the church still maintained its structural and stylistic harmony. The limited available space of the urban grid defined its orientation, and partly also the appearance of the church positioned perpendicularly against the main city street. Its spatial conception and façade organization clearly indicate the models and origins of certain solutions. Its ground plan, a combination of single-nave and cross-planned church types, suggests a compromise between the Byzantine and Western styles, which is even more evident in the exterior.

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domed church; Historicism; Neo-styles; Emil Vecchietti

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