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The Town as a Medium

Senad Nanić   ORCID icon ; AS PROJEKTIRANJE d.o.o., Zagreb

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By choosing a word of civilization for a complex, arranged, perfected, and socially accessible form of culture, humanity refers to the town as the fundamental medium of sociability. In the case of Sarajevo, the idea of intercultural synthesis is the foundation of the city’s identity. In terms of contemporary urban identity, intercultural synthesis is in fact absent. Sarajevo was peripheral to the culturally diverse centers of power that managed various visions and ambitions, powerlessly to impose an authentically shaped program of cultural universalism. Examples of domestic production are the result of approaching to the expectations of foreign visions and ambitions. Interculturality is recognized primarily in the ambivalent values that reflect the ability of the town to update, accumulate, adapt and preserve the results of culturally diverse social visions and ambitions. All cultural visions in their frequent shifts remain unfinished. The fate of periphery is to endure the decadence of the imperial center, regardless of its own development potential. Sarajevo is the city of potential to form real intercultural synthesis based on unfinished historical revival initiated by culturally different visions, including their unresolved contradictions. Because of the clash of unfinished construction programs, and from the perspective of the superficial, point-and-nebula character of the interventionism of global commercial entrepreneurship, Sarajevo’s identity is more successfully faced with globalization tendencies than cities of similar socio-economic significance and strength.

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town; identity; interculturalism; vision; periphery; incompleteness; potency

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