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Scientific foundations of Croatian Vukovci

Stjepan Babić

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APA 6th Edition
Babić, S. (1995). Znanstvena podloga hrvatskih vukoraca. Jezik, 43 (5), 167-174. Preuzeto s
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Babić, S. (1995). 'Znanstvena podloga hrvatskih vukoraca', Jezik, 43(5), str. 167-174. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 03.08.2020.)
Babić S. Znanstvena podloga hrvatskih vukoraca. Jezik [Internet]. 1995 [pristupljeno 03.08.2020.];43(5):167-174. Dostupno na:
S. Babić, "Znanstvena podloga hrvatskih vukoraca", Jezik, vol.43, br. 5, str. 167-174, 1995. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 03.08.2020.]

In late 19th ccntury, the '\'uko,·ci (foi lowcr, of Vuk Kararl i.ić) attcmptc,:1 to rcdircct Standard
Croatian in confomiily with thc \icws of Se rbian lingui st Vu.: S. KaradJ.ić . ln this lhcy wcre
s1Jcces<.ful to a ccrtain cxtcnt, is in the areas of natura! inclinalion of SLrndard and
those of a siill prescnt \'aciilation ln it,; main body, howevcr, Standard Croa1ian staycd within ils
separate course. ln the vicw r[ many. thc rcason for lhcse attcmpts by thc Crwlian \ 'uko,·ci had
their roots in JYJlilics . Thc a uth,}r dcmonstraics that a major rcason were a lso the <;c icnlific vicws
of the time , with lhe prcvalcncc of Ncogramrnarian Schoc,I and the pri ority il gavc lo the spoken
language and dialcclal spcech over thc writler, standard.

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