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Description of the Cartographic Materials

Mirela Slukan

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Cartographie materials are specific sort of the archives that needs the particular way of arrangement and description. The rules of identification and description of ali kinds of cartographie materials are established by the International standard for cartographie materials - ISBD (CM). Although that refers on the librarian standard, the basic principles can be applied to the élaboration of the cartographie materials in the Archives. Namely, the Standard prescribes strictly the basic element of description and punetuation among them, but in the same time it admits the possibility of adaptation and supplément aceording to the needs and particularity of the institution which used it. As the résultant each cartographie unit obtains the map catalogue with standardised data and punetuation, and their automatic processing leads to the création of computer's data basis compatible with other similar data basis what ail make easier interinstitutional and international data exchange. Applying of this way of card processing provides the high degree of the access for the cartographie materials for ail kind of researching and for various requirements of users.

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