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The future of the cave Muda labudova research

Ruđer Novak ; Speleological department CMS Željezničar, Zagreb, Croatia

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Cave Muda labudova (4676 m long, 682 m deep) is situated on the south-eastern end of Velebit as a part of Crnopac masif underground. There are two capital caves in close proximity, which are expected to all join in a >40 km system within next year. The survey of Muda labudova was revitalised in last two years, following the discovery of vast horizontal passages forming an mostly unexplored labyrinth. As the previously known passages were mostly vertical, this opened the oportunity of exploration new horizontal parts, levelled with horizontal system in the nearby Kita Gaćešina cave system. The new horizontal parts show similar patterns of interlinking horizontal (300 m and 600 m depth) and vertical parts, as seen in other capital caves nearby. It gives the impression of just starting to discover a kilometer-scale horizontal potential of yet unknown shafts.

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Crnopac; Muda labudova; Kita Gaćešina-Draženova puhaljka

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