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Breast Cancer

Tanja Čufer

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Breast cancer is the most frequent malignant
disease in women, with increasing incidence. However, the mortality
of breast cancer has started to decrease. The reasons are
better early detection of the disease and more efficacious treatment.
The breast cancer can be detected in an early stage, without
being palpable yet, when the possibilities of curing are great.
Early detection is performed by regular check-ups and mammography
tests of the breast. Follow-ups through a number of years
have confirmed the rationality of organized check-ups in groups
of women with great risk of the disease. Today the organized
control is needed for women aged from 50 to 69 years, when
the risk is the highest. The treatment of breast cancer is multidisciplinary.
The combination of surgical treatment, radiation and
systemic treatment ensures the best results. The type and order
of particular treatment procedures must be planned within an
interdisciplinary team with strictly individual approach. Along with
specific treatment, equally important is also a regular systemic
one. New, efficacious drugs for symptomatic treatment are
emerging, as are for example bisphosphonates, which present a
great advantage in the quality of life of such patients. Soon we
are expecting the development of new biological medications for
cancer, that will, in combination with other, standard procedures,
further improve the efficacy and thus enable curing and
with it also a full involvement in normal, everyday life for a growing
number of women with breast cancer.

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breast cancer; early detection; cancer treatment

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