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Lung Carcinoma

Ivan Grbac
Marija Bašić-Grbac
Jelena Ostojić

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Lung carcinoma is a malignant epithelial tumour
with slow and perfidious growth, often without symptoms,
quickly spreading in other organs, while the results of treatment
are modest. Incidence of lung carcinoma in the world and in our
country is constantly rising. In Croatia, in the year 1998, the
incidence was 55.6/100,000, and mortality 53.7 on 100,000
inhabitants. Smoking is stated as the main risk factor in the
occurrence of lung carcinoma. The WHO classified it according
to histological features in 4 groups: the carcinoma of platelet
cells, the carcinoma of small cells, adenocarcinoma, the carcinoma
of large cells. Clinical manifestations of the lung carcinoma
depend on: the site and size of the primary tumour, its propagation
to neighboring structures in the thorax, emergence of
regional and distal metastases, the type of the tumour, immunological
status of the organism, prior and current diseases,
life style (smoking), gender, age and complications of the
tumour itself. In the diagnostics of the lung cancer various
methods are applied: radiological, endoscopic, cytological/ histological,
scintrigraphic, etc. Nonmicrocelluar lung carcinoma is
classified according to the TNM classification into four clinical
stages, and microcellular type into two stages: limited disease
and spread disease. In treatment are used the following methods:
surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, combination of all
the mentioned and symptomatic treatment. The choice of a particular
way of treatment depends on clinical stage.

Ključne riječi
lung carcinoma; epidemiology; smoking; clinical features; diagnostics; classifications; treatment

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