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Haemodialysis: Past and Present

Petar Kes

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APA 6th Edition
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Renal failure is defined clinicaly as any
acute (acute renal failure) or gradually (chronic renal failure)
reduction in renal excretory function sufficient to result in
retention of nitrogenous waste and fluid. Renal failure is the
result of either primary renal disease or of renal damage in
multisystem disorder. The patients with renal failure become
anorexic and lose body mass; salt, water, and phosphate
retained; production of renal hormones is perturbed and production
of endogenous vasodilatator compounds are reduced.
Over time, uraemia impairs the function of nearly every organ
in the body. Renal failure may be treated conservatively or,
when the glomerular filtration rate approaches 5 ml/min, by
extracorporeal blood purification (haemodialysis, haemodiafiltration),
peritoneal dialysis, or by kidney transplantation. An
essential action of renal replacement therapy is the removal
of waste products and excess fluid. Treatment must also
restore the hormons that are not produced in sufficient concentration
and provide as good a quality of life as possible for
each patient. The aim of this paper is to describe the development,
technological advances and management by
haemodialysis, as well as the complications related to dialysis
technique, to the uraemic state or to coexisting illnes.

Ključne riječi
haemodialysis; acute renal failure; chronic renal failure; history; dialysis technique; adequacy; complications

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