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Tomislav Galović

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APA 6th Edition
Galović, T. (2018). MILAN MOGUŠ I BAŠĆANSKA PLOČA. Senjski zbornik, 45 (1), 265-285.
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Galović, Tomislav. "MILAN MOGUŠ I BAŠĆANSKA PLOČA." Senjski zbornik, vol. 45, br. 1, 2018, str. 265-285. Citirano 28.01.2021.
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Galović, Tomislav. "MILAN MOGUŠ I BAŠĆANSKA PLOČA." Senjski zbornik 45, br. 1 (2018): 265-285.
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T. Galović, "MILAN MOGUŠ I BAŠĆANSKA PLOČA", Senjski zbornik, vol.45, br. 1, str. 265-285, 2018. [Online].

Presented in the article is an overview of the research results of Milan Moguš (1927 – 2017)
connected to the study of the Baška tablet, our most significant national monument in the Croatian
language and Glagolitic alphabet from the period of the Croatian kingdom and directly after it.
In his extensive philological-linguistic opus the distinguished Croatian linguist, professor of
the dialectology and history of the Croatian language, full member of the Croatian Academy of
Sciences and Arts, M. Moguš has dedicated one section to his investigations of the Baška tablet.
It is understandable that this the most important Croatian Glagolitic monument is mentioned at
the beginning of his scientific specialist paper as well as in his former scientific opus, especially
when he had written a synthesis of the history of the Croatian literary language. The scientific
results of the Baška tablet are recapitulated and outlined, and it points to the open questions and
problems, to which M. Moguš has approached and offered, mainly from a linguistic point of view,
some solutions to. His papers are presented and analysed, of which the following five should be
specially noted: 1) ‘A word or two about the Baška tablet (upon the 890th anniversary)’ (1967;
reprinted 1988), 2) ‘The Baška tablet in our scientific literature’ (paper 1989, text 1997), 3) History
of the Croatian literary language (1993, 19952, 20093), 4) ‘Philological view of Old Croatian
legal documents’ (2000), and 5) How to read the Baška tablet (2011, previously published in the
Senjski zbornik, issue 37/2010). To end with we can conclude that M. Moguš has contributed the
most to the study of the Baška tablet, right in the field of the history of the Croatian language –
the phonology and accentology, and his paper is and will be a reliable starting block for all future
investigations in this scientific area, and his results should not be bypassed and/or disregarded.

Ključne riječi
Baška tablet; Jurandvor fragments; Croatian language; Glagolitic epigraphy; dialectology; accentology; Middle Ages; Milan Moguš (1927-2017).

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