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Focusing on the Family in the Top Croatian Newspapers

Ana Volarić Mršić ; Croatian Studies, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
Filip Kopanica

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APA 6th Edition
Volarić Mršić, A. i Kopanica, F. (2019). Obitelj u fokusu najčitanijeg hrvatskog tiska. Obnovljeni Život, 74. (1.), 45-55.
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Volarić Mršić, Ana i Filip Kopanica. "Obitelj u fokusu najčitanijeg hrvatskog tiska." Obnovljeni Život, vol. 74., br. 1., 2019, str. 45-55. Citirano 01.08.2021.
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Volarić Mršić, Ana i Filip Kopanica. "Obitelj u fokusu najčitanijeg hrvatskog tiska." Obnovljeni Život 74., br. 1. (2019): 45-55.
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Volarić Mršić A, Kopanica F. Obitelj u fokusu najčitanijeg hrvatskog tiska. Obnovljeni Život [Internet]. 2019 [pristupljeno 01.08.2021.];74.(1.):45-55.
A. Volarić Mršić i F. Kopanica, "Obitelj u fokusu najčitanijeg hrvatskog tiska", Obnovljeni Život, vol.74., br. 1., str. 45-55, 2019. [Online].

The family is the keeper of life, love, the culture of a nation — the greatest values of human society. For analysis purposes, the most–read Croatian newpapers, Večernji list, Jutarnji list and 24 sata, issued between May 15, 2015 and December 31, 2017 were examined for content on the family. Articles stressing this topic in their title, subtitle and in their content were selected. Analysis consisted in entering responses to the questions on an analytical matrix prepared ahead of time. Responses presented in numerical form in the conclusion refer to deontological standards such as the name of the author of the published article, objectivity, unbiasedness and truthfulness. Analysis also involved an evaluation of the motive and goal of publishing the said article (to inform or otherwise) and the values promoted by means of the content of the published article (traditional or otherwise). Also, the information sources cited in the article were noted. Results indicate that the most–read Croatian newspapers write on the family mainly for the purpose of informing their readers but also for promoting certain political processes, while the proportion of sensationalistic articles on the family make up 24% of the total number of articles examined. Furthermore, the topic of the family is not deeply elaborated by those writing for top newspapers in 20% of the articles analysed, while writers rarely make references to experts in the fields of law, medicine, psychology or sociology, that is, in less than 1% of the examined texts. Through parallel comparison of the results obtained during the specified time period, we find that most articles were published in Večernji list (156), followed by Jutarnji list (128), and 24 sata (50) which is a total of 337 articles dealing with the family.

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family; marriage; Večernji list; Jutarnji list; 24 sata

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