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Differentiated curriculum as an assumption of successful inclusion

Smiljana Zrilić ; Odjel za izobrazbu učitelja i odgojitelja Sveučilište u Zadru

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Zrilić S. Razlikovni kurikulum kao pretpostavka uspješne inkluzije. Magistra Iadertina [Internet]. 2018 [pristupljeno 28.11.2020.];13(1):161-180. Dostupno na:
S. Zrilić, "Razlikovni kurikulum kao pretpostavka uspješne inkluzije", Magistra Iadertina, vol.13, br. 1, str. 161-180, 2018. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 28.11.2020.]

Starting with the reality that education institutions become meeting places of different ethnicities, cultures, religions and languages, that pupils come from different families (single parent, binuclear, adoptive, foster), and that pupils with special needs are included in regular upbringing-education groups, the challenges of an individual's future and society reflect on, among other, the structure and quality of the education system. Confronted with new challenges, schools change towards creating favorable conditions for the development of social, intellectual and emotional capacities of pupils according to their chronological and mental age. In this regard, inevitable are the requirements at the level of methodology and content being adapted to the upbringing and education process, special upbringing and education support of various type and level respectively. We are here speaking of adapted, i.e. appropriate programs and models of learning with a socially competent teacher and other participants included in all the segments of upbringing and education, design and implementation of differentiated programs and curricula. New education needs of society and individuals initiate the requirement for creating such a profile of education institutions that represent a stimulation environment for learning and the development of social relationships. People's relationships in life communities change and open the issue of dialogue, co-existence, tolerance and mutual respect.

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pupils with special needs; integration; inclusion; differential curriculum; teacher competence

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