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Education and Evangelization

Marina Novina   ORCID icon ; Faculty of Philosophy and Religious Studies, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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With the insight into the process of education, in the relationship between education and culture and in the place of education in the socio-political context, this research led to the conclusion that education and evangelization are two powerful and inseparable processes of shaping human identity, because every information is at the same time formation. Therefore, it is essential for the Church to take part in educational processes and their creation. Caring for the truth and acquainting man with the truth about his origin, dignity, rights, and responsibilities, the Church is responsible for information that has the power of transformation, i.e. the formation of man’s identity and faculties. Caring for the truth implies care of information, which is the core of the process of evangelization and caring for human being, his identity and his face, and the way of the Church that Church should never abandon. Education is the fundamental charisma of the Church and a powerful form of evangelization.

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Education; Cognition; Truth; Information; Evangelization; Culture; Human Being

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