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Apiforestry – beekeeping and forestry

Zdenko Franić   ORCID icon ; Institut za medicinska istraživanja i medicinu rada, Zagreb

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Z. Franić, "Apišumarstvo – pčelarstvo i šumarstvo ", Šumarski list, vol.143, br. 3-4, str. 171-178, 2019. [Online].

The paper presents a history of the interaction of beekeeping and forestry (apiforestry) in Croatia through an overview of scientific and professional literature and systematizes the most relevant recommendations and conclusions. Almost all authors recommend the planting of plants and trees rich in nectar and pollen as a precondition for advanced beekeeping and mitigating the adverse effects of climate change on bees. When planting and restoring forests, acacia, lime and chestnuts are especially recommended. The benefits of pollination service and biodiversity sustainment provided by bees, which at EU level is estimated at about € 1280 per bee colony, are much higher than the benefits of honey and other bee products. In Croatia, apiforestry, especially in chestnut forests, provides opportunities for the development of innovative activities and services based on beekeeping. One example is apitherapy as a health segment of beekeeping tourism. Apiforestry should continue to be a subject of multidisciplinary research and coordination, whereas cooperation between the sectors of forestry and beekeeping should be continuously improved.

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forestry; beekeeping; honey plants; pollination; biodiversity

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