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Diocesan Bishops in the Synodal Church

Alan Modrić   ORCID icon ; Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome, Italy

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The article begins with Pope Francis’ teachings on synodality, the synodal Church and the meaning of synodality in the juridical system of the Church. It is the intent of this article to explain the diocesan bishop’s importance and his role in the fulfillment of synodality. The author includes also an examination of ecclesiastical organs at the diocesan level, of a group of dioceses and in the universal Church. The
need is highlighted for greater collaboration between shepherds of the Church and the faithful which could help the Church achieve more profound communion and which would be in accordance with the contemporary Pope’s wish for a synodal path for the whole of God’s people. On this path, the diocesan bishop is a key figure in the realization of the synodal Church: firstly, at the level of his diocese in which he should acknowledge the right of the faithful to advise their shepherd and assist him in the administration of the particular Church, and secondly, at the level of the universal Church, in constructing a hierarchical communion with the Roman Pontiff and the College of Bishops. The diocesan bishop can help in the administration of the universal Church on behalf of God’s people, keeping the needs and dignity of the faithful always in mind.

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synodality; communion; participation; consultation; diocesan bishop

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