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Religion and Croatian Society


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ZRINŠČAK, S. (1998). RELIGIJA I HRVATSKO DRUŠTVO. Društvena istraživanja, 7 (3 (35)), 339-357. Retrieved from
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Drawing on the statement that little can be said about the
role of religious communities in Croatian society without a
greater knowledge of major social processes, the paper first
presents some partial insights into the social and economic
situation in Croatian society, and based on that, comments
upon the possibility of development of Croatian society. In
the second part points of support for the analysis of the
religious situation in Croatia are dealt with as well as the
social dependence of religion before and after the fall of
communism. The paper also enumerates issues concerning
contemporary religious processes and relations, emerging in
all post-communist societies. In conclusion, the paper
discusses those social factors conditioning the current
position and social role of certain religious communities, as
well as the factors chosen to, probably, change that role in
the future. The author thus suggests a methodological
abundance of those theoretical concepts conceived to
comprehend better the different processes of religious
restructuration in a secularized postmodern world.

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