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Marijan Jurčević ; Theology of Rijeka, Dislocated Studies of Catholic Faculty of Theology, University of Zagreb, Rijeka, Croatia

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APA 6th Edition
Jurčević, M. (2008). BIBLIJSKO-TEOLOŠKI TEMELJ NERAZRJEŠIVOSTI ŽENIDBE. Riječki teološki časopis, 31 (1), 159-176. Preuzeto s
MLA 8th Edition
Jurčević, Marijan. "BIBLIJSKO-TEOLOŠKI TEMELJ NERAZRJEŠIVOSTI ŽENIDBE." Riječki teološki časopis, vol. 31, br. 1, 2008, str. 159-176. Citirano 21.10.2021.
Chicago 17th Edition
Jurčević, Marijan. "BIBLIJSKO-TEOLOŠKI TEMELJ NERAZRJEŠIVOSTI ŽENIDBE." Riječki teološki časopis 31, br. 1 (2008): 159-176.
Jurčević, M. (2008). 'BIBLIJSKO-TEOLOŠKI TEMELJ NERAZRJEŠIVOSTI ŽENIDBE', Riječki teološki časopis, 31(1), str. 159-176. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 21.10.2021.)
Jurčević M. BIBLIJSKO-TEOLOŠKI TEMELJ NERAZRJEŠIVOSTI ŽENIDBE. Riječki teološki časopis [Internet]. 2008 [pristupljeno 21.10.2021.];31(1):159-176. Dostupno na:
M. Jurčević, "BIBLIJSKO-TEOLOŠKI TEMELJ NERAZRJEŠIVOSTI ŽENIDBE", Riječki teološki časopis, vol.31, br. 1, str. 159-176, 2008. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 21.10.2021.]

Biblical and Theological Foundation for the Inextricability of Marriage Summary The inextricability was always the goal and the ideal of the marriage, but at the same time, a huge problem for the practical life. The theologians and the Church through history discussed mostly the problem of the divorce and of the divorced, rather than the issue of marriage itself. The last millennium opts for an absolute inextricability, although there were nuances and interpretations (outer, inner, ratum, consumatum). Only by an appeal on the faith and on the baptism (sacramentality) we can hold on to the absolute inextricability. Is this an issue of “proposition fidei”, “proposition proxima fidei” or “saltem doctrina catholica”? There is not yet a valid answer. Theology and the Church still have to deepen the meaning of the inextricability of the marriage, and to find a place for those who went through the failure of a marriage. Marriage should be considered a project, not an accomplished thing. Therefore, the canonical law should show more flexibility towards failed marriages. Three elements are important in the matter of the Christian marriage: firstly the baptism, the entrance in the history of salvation, marking the whole person; in second place the contract, by which fiancés enter a specific biological and human life, finally the consummation of marriage, where the partners live human and Christian values. These three values should be re-valued and consciously approached by Christian fiancés. For this reason the period of engagement and of preparation is of a crucial importance for their future.

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marriage; matrimony; divorce; Church; engagement

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