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Encyclopedism in Serbia: in search of an institute

Mirko Mlakar   ORCID icon ; Fakultet filozofije i religijskih znanosti Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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M. Mlakar, "Enciklopedika u Srbiji: u traganju za zavodom", Studia lexicographica, vol.13, br. 24, str. 7-73, 2019. [Online].

In this study, the development of the main current of encyclopedism in Serbia, the one in the Serbian language, is presented through publishing companies and other organisations that deal with producing encyclopedias, such as the cultural institution Matica srpska (Matrix Serbica). Encyclopedic work in Republic of Serbia is only partially accompanied by institutionalization, even though the idea of founding an encyclopedic institute modelled after the Institute of Lexicography in Zagreb (Republic of Croatia), such as the one initiated by the Službeni glasnik (Official Gazette) public enterprise, has been present since the start of the 21st century. The article deals with the views and procedures of individual companies and institutions as well as professional and political factors related to the central encyclopedic institution. Not only does the author present elements for the evaluation of some of the significant encyclopedic works, especially the Vojna enciklopedija (Military Encyclopedia; first edition 1958–1969, second edition 1970–1976), but also touches on some of the general questions of metalexicography and bibliography. Due to the type of activities and editions of organizations written about in this work, the author also examines the field of Serbian language lexicography.

Ključne riječi
encyclopedism; Serbia; encyclopedic institute; organisation; Serbian lexicography; publishing; Military Encyclopedia; Matica srpska; Službeni glasnik; metalexicography; bibliography; Serbian language

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