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A career reconstruction of Titus Flavius Agricola

Silvia Bekavac ; Department of archeology, University of Zadar, Zadar, Croatia

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Bekavac, S. (2019). Rekonstrukcija karijere Tita Flavija Agrikole. Tusculum, 12 (1), 21-25. Preuzeto s
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Bekavac S. Rekonstrukcija karijere Tita Flavija Agrikole. Tusculum [Internet]. 2019 [pristupljeno 27.11.2020.];12(1):21-25. Dostupno na:
S. Bekavac, "Rekonstrukcija karijere Tita Flavija Agrikole", Tusculum, vol.12, br. 1, str. 21-25, 2019. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 27.11.2020.]

The author presents the problems related to the inscription CIL 3, 2026, which recorded cursus honorum of Titus Flavius Agricola. By detailed analysis of the inscription, as well as a scientific discussion on prominent military and municipal functions, the life and career of Titus Flavius Agricola were chronologically reconstructed. The key point is the fact that the inscription CIL 3, 2087 dedicated to the decurio of Salona Titus Vetius Augustalis, who held also the duties of quaestor, aed l and duovir, is engraved on the same monument. Comparing the careers of Titus Flavius Agricola and Titus Vetius Augustalis, the author concluded that the function of prefect and patron of a collegium fabrum, which were
held by both, was crucial for the erection of the monument. Because of this statement, the paper also discusses abouth the organization and meaning of the collegium fabrum and concludes that collegium was a professional association, presented throughout the municipalities of the Empire, with a very complex internal structure. The top of the collegium
consisted of high-ranking persons, very often from the equestrian rank, acting as patron and prefect. Flavius Agricola and Vetius Augustal also belonged to this category, to whom their collegium fabrum engraved inscriptions on a common monument in Salona, at the time that Augustal was still an active patron of the collegim, while Agricola's patronage was commemorated retrograde.

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Titus Flavius Agricola; collegium fabrum; dispunctor; curator rei publicae; Titus Vetius Augustalis; tres militiae equestres

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