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Medical Interpreters in Tourism in Japan and Croatia

Naoyuki Matsuno

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APA 6th Edition
Matsuno, N. (2019). 日本とクロアチアにおける医療通訳と専門日本語教育としての可能 性検討. Tabula, (16), 67-74.
MLA 8th Edition
Matsuno, Naoyuki. "日本とクロアチアにおける医療通訳と専門日本語教育としての可能 性検討." Tabula, vol. , br. 16, 2019, str. 67-74. Citirano 19.09.2020.
Chicago 17th Edition
Matsuno, Naoyuki. "日本とクロアチアにおける医療通訳と専門日本語教育としての可能 性検討." Tabula , br. 16 (2019): 67-74.
Matsuno, N. (2019). '日本とクロアチアにおける医療通訳と専門日本語教育としての可能 性検討', Tabula, (16), str. 67-74.
Matsuno N. 日本とクロアチアにおける医療通訳と専門日本語教育としての可能 性検討. Tabula [Internet]. 2019 [pristupljeno 19.09.2020.];(16):67-74.
N. Matsuno, "日本とクロアチアにおける医療通訳と専門日本語教育としての可能 性検討", Tabula, vol., br. 16, str. 67-74, 2019. [Online].

In recent years the number of tourists in Japan has greatly increased, with the result that service sectors have had to improve their methods of accepting tourists. In particular, there is a problem in communication with tourists. One of the fields in which a response is delayed is in the training of medical interpreters. The same problem is also present in Croatia, with few Japanese-speaking guides. This paper examines several surveys on medical interpreters, including the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. As a result, most medical institutions recognize the necessity of medical interpreters. Furthermore, it has been established that educational courses aimed at nurturing medical interpreters have begun to be developed. Many students at the University of Pula’s Japanese Department desire to pursue translation interpreting as a future profession. Results indicate that medical interpreting is a promising field in Japanese language education in Croatia.

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tourism; intercultural communication; interpreter; medical tourism; education management; Japanese language

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