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Suppression of the Rodents in Forest Ecosystems

Goran Videc ; Ministarstvo poljoprivrede, šumarstva i vodnog gospodarstva

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Rodents, especially mice, voles and rats, always draw people´s attention and lived with them. Therefore it is no surprise that except people, rodents are the most adaptive group of mammals on Earth. Exactly because of this synanthropic relation, forest rodents used people through their activities (trade, transport) to accommodate new areas until they populated all continents. Suppression and control of forest rodents population represent complex and demanding job due to the reason that even the smallest unprofessional moves can have long effects and immeasurable consequences for people and all animals which are not the aim of the suppression.
Researches until now on rodent suppression gave guidelines and needed solutions, but in most cases there is no satisfying success because the suppression of rodent populations is not organized and conducted systematically and due to those reasons, unprofessionally and not on time.
The most important elements of regular carrying out of suppression measures on rodent populations include:
1. identification of rodent species and its density population
2. be acquainted with its biology and ecology, especially feeding and reproduction system
3. precise determination of a period in which taken suppression measures can give the best results
4. correct choice of rodenticides, their optimal presence in baits, selection of the most attractive feeding base, correct choice of displaying place and knowledge of the method for secure display.
The most important role in struggle with mice rodents today definitely has chemical methods of suppression. But in the future, the prevention methods in combination with other non chemical methods will be far more important then today.

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forest ecosystems; rodents; suppression

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