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Faith as “Knowledge” about Knowledge

Marinko Vidović   ORCID icon ; Katolički bogoslovni fakultet, Sveučilište u Splitu

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Adopting the generally accepted complexity of terms “knowledge” and “cognition”, the author shows in this paper that neither knowledge nor cognition can be and should be narrowly grasped in terms of their reduction only to the intellectual and rational aspect of reality. Both realities enter the area of what we designate as the integral human experience, the appreciation, i.e. the a priori and a posteriori interaction between the cognizing subject and cognitive/cognized object. In such a light, faith is shown to be a specific knowledge attached to pre-decision, to a position that leaves the reality open to transcendence, in fact, to the ultimate meaning of all. Faith can be termed as the specific knowledge about all other knowledge, i.e. as the foundation, determination and qualification of other knowledge the focus of which is the entirety of reality. The author comes to such insights by analyzing the theory of cognition and the limitations of all knowledge.

Ključne riječi
knowledge; cognition; reality; faith; meaning; reason; truth; decision; pre-decision

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