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Siniša Lajnert   ORCID icon ; Hrvatski državni arhiv, Zagreb

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APA 6th Edition
Lajnert, S. (2019). SENJSKA ŠTEDIONICA SENJ (1873. – 1948.). Senjski zbornik, 46 (1), 249-296.
MLA 8th Edition
Lajnert, Siniša. "SENJSKA ŠTEDIONICA SENJ (1873. – 1948.)." Senjski zbornik, vol. 46, br. 1, 2019, str. 249-296. Citirano 28.01.2021.
Chicago 17th Edition
Lajnert, Siniša. "SENJSKA ŠTEDIONICA SENJ (1873. – 1948.)." Senjski zbornik 46, br. 1 (2019): 249-296.
Lajnert, S. (2019). 'SENJSKA ŠTEDIONICA SENJ (1873. – 1948.)', Senjski zbornik, 46(1), str. 249-296.
Lajnert S. SENJSKA ŠTEDIONICA SENJ (1873. – 1948.). Senjski zbornik [Internet]. 2019 [pristupljeno 28.01.2021.];46(1):249-296.
S. Lajnert, "SENJSKA ŠTEDIONICA SENJ (1873. – 1948.)", Senjski zbornik, vol.46, br. 1, str. 249-296, 2019. [Online].

In the article, the author, from the aspect of the history of the institution, deals with the
business and liquidation of the Senj savings bank from 1873, when the savings bank was founded,
all the way to 1948, when its liquidation was completed. The business affairs of the savings bank
were carried out by a main assembly of shareholders, a directorate and supervisory board. Despite
the large economic crises and two world wars, Senj’s savings bank avoided the fate of the majority
the financial institutions that operated with a loss. It was one of the rare institutions which never
had any kind safeguards nor was it ever appointed with a commissioner. The directorate of the
savings bank always began from the standpoint that the institution should primarily be preserved,
which is what it succeeded in. With the sturdy determination of its directorate and clerical service
and business friends, the savings bank overcame all crises, generally with ease, if only with a
modest profit. The directorate adapted its work to the circumstances and faithfully to its principles,
in order for the savings bank to better serve the business world and successfully preserve the
gained trust of its business friends.
Immediately after World War Two, the work of the savings bank completely stopped. Given
that there was not one condition for the further successful work of the Senj savings bank and given
the planned liquidation of private financial institutions, in socialist Yugoslavia, the liquidation of
institutions was specified as early as 1945, and it was completed in 1948.

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Senj savings bank; financial institution; savings bank business affairs; shareholders; balance sheets; liquidation; 1873 - 1948

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