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Preliminary communication


Katerina Malić Bandur ; Faculty of Economy, University of Mostar, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Competition, as a success factor, exists in every company, no matter winether it operates on a national or international market. Competition can be observed both, from microeconomic, as well as from macroeconomic point of view. However, at the end, competition is reflected in production costs and price achieved on the target market. Tehnology restructuring, as a competition imperative, represents a precondition for the economic growth. The technology development strategy must be necessity for those companies that want to participate in current market competition. Besides all the efforts in the field of competition, the production companies´ management should have in mind that investing in technology has a price and that all companies cannot survive due to the insufficient resources which should be invested. The amount of capital needed to be invested in technology is often too high for many companies. Technology reconstruction strategy in the competency role should be well designed by a company¨s management.

technology; technology reconstruction; competency; production companies

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