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Ivan Koprek   ORCID icon ; Faculty of Philosophy and Religious Studies, University of Zagreb

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Koprek, I. (2019). SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND GLOBALISATION PROCESSES. Disputatio philosophica, 21 (1), 21-26.
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Koprek, Ivan. "SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND GLOBALISATION PROCESSES." Disputatio philosophica 21, br. 1 (2019): 21-26.
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I. Koprek, "SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND GLOBALISATION PROCESSES", Disputatio philosophica, vol.21, br. 1, str. 21-26, 2019. [Online].

How do we relate globalisation to other types of mondialisation, such as communications and economics? The answer should be: any globalisation should be motivated by the general interest of humanity and striving to that aim. In practice, this means that international protection of human rights and environmental rights need not only jurisdictional (legal–political) but also, above all, ethical standards. Without it, a conflict between different types of globalisation could become damaging, almost dangerous.
The very idea of the global village that has so well explained the phenomenon of mondialisation can assist in solving the problems that need to be addressed. One of the features of each village is the intense connection among the inhabitants. That phenomenon is now present globally, which is the essence of globalisation. That implies a global responsibility that must be implemented on the one hand by communities and the other by individuals, especially those who serve in the service of community — politicians.
The crucial question arises, “How to define the responsibility of one and the others?” It is evident that at the top of the pyramid, there are major planetary problems whose solutions require the cooperation of all nations and countries. The straightforward phrase “Think globally, act locally”, expresses the rule of the fundamental game of the global world and its diversity — a possible ethic of sustainable development.

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Sustainable development; globalisation; mondialisation; global ethics

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