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An Insight into the Moral Knowledge of Servais Pinckaers

Tadija Milikić   ORCID icon ; Fakultet filozofije i religijskih znanosti Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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In this paper the author focuses on the concept and nature of moral knowledge as understood and presented by Servais Pinckaers, one of the most renowned and acknowledged contemporary authority on the moral teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas who rightfully occupies a prominent place within the Christian moral-theological tradition.
In the introduction our attention is drawn to the immediate object of moral knowledge in all its breadth: human activity which ensues from human free will. It should, in no regard, be narrowed down neither to those human acts falling under any form of legal obligation or imperative, nor limited to any human activity which can be subjected to observation and analysis by the positive sciences. The introductory exposition is followed by two more parts. The first part points out the special nature of moral knowledge, its richness, inexhaustibility and strength, as well as its inseparability from the deepest dimension of human existence which man encounters within his inner self, his consciousness, conscience, and free will. The second and central part of the paper brings an overview of various forms of moral knowledge and underlines their internal, dynamic, constant and necessary connectedness stemming from concrete personal moral experience wherein lies the source, purpose and sole approach to moral knowledge. The concluding part presents a summary of the entire paper and highlights the special contribution contained in Pinckaers’
description of moral knowledge. The Belgian theologian strongly emphasizes that moral knowledge emerges and is shaped, first and foremost, by human activity, that it is developed through moral reflection and is confirmed and fulfilled similarly by concrete
human activity. Furthermore, Pinckaers’ description of moral knowledge points out, not only the necessity for the personal and active commitment of the moral subject, but also gives a better and more appropriate insight into the irreplaceable role of practical reason strengthened by personal and concrete knowledge of a wide range of virtues.

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moral knowledge; forms of moral knowledge; Servais Pinckaers; moral object; human act; personal and concrete knowledge

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