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Surnames and nicknames in Dobranje

Domagoj Vidović   ORCID icon ; Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics, Zagreb, Croatia

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The village of Dobranje in the vicinity of Metković is mentioned in written documents from the end of the 14th century. In that period the administration of the Dubrovnik Republic recorded first personal names and patronymics of its citizens of Neretvan and Herzegovinian origin. In the 15th century the privileged received fixed attributes and surnames, but the expansion of attributes and surnames among common people has been slowed down by the Turkish invasion and migrations which this invasion caused. Surnames as a fixed, stable and unchangeable category are known from the 18th century, although some individual cases of surname alternations can be found even in the 20th century. Nicknames tell us about language contacts as well as physical characteristics and mentality of the local population.

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anthroponymy; surnames; nicknames; attribute

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