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Echoes of the Croatian Spring in Osijek

Domagoj Tomas   ORCID icon ; Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, J. J. Strossmayer University of Osijek
Marijana Bošnjak

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Tomas, D. i Bošnjak, M. (2020). Odjeci hrvatskoga proljeća u Osijeku. Diacovensia, 28 (4), 519-547.
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D. Tomas i M. Bošnjak, "Odjeci hrvatskoga proljeća u Osijeku", Diacovensia, vol.28, br. 4, str. 519-547, 2020. [Online].

The article analyzes the events that can be subsumed under the common denominator of the Croatian Spring in the local Osijek area. The introductory part starts from the terminological and substantive definition of the general phenomenon of the Croatian Spring, recognizing several events that preceded it and enabled its development. This is followed by a proposal for the periodization of the Croatian Spring with three phases and the presentation of its three focal points, with local Osijek equivalents (the »reform« wing of the Municipal Committee of the League of Communists of Croatia in Osijek – OK SKH Osijek, Matica hrvatska Branch Osijek – OMH Osijek, and the Students League of Osijek – SSO). In the continuation of the article, the individual chapters analyze the events within the Osijek socio-political or-ganizations, OMH Osijek and the Osijek student movement, which can be put in the context of the Croatian Spring. It establishes a direct connection of the Spring movements in Zagreb with those that will follow in Osijek, through various common communication channels, such as the participation of members of the SKH Central Committee in sessions of local socio-political organizations, or the public lectures of distinguished members of MH organized by OMH Osijek. In the end, it also turned out that the situation in Zagreb was largely copied in the Osijek area during the time of the culmination of the Croatian Spring, taking into account socio-political organizations, MH and students, with the only exception of the later emergence of Spring ideas in Osijek than in Zagreb.

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Croatian Spring; Osijek; socio-political organizations; Matica hrvatska; students; socialist Yugoslavia

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