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On Boredom: A Draft for a Possible Critique

Eric Ušić

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APA 6th Edition
Ušić, E. (2017). O dosadi: nacrt za moguću kritiku. Narodna umjetnost, 54 (2), 69-82.
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E. Ušić, "O dosadi: nacrt za moguću kritiku", Narodna umjetnost, vol.54, br. 2, str. 69-82, 2017. [Online].

The paper is divided into two parts. The first part focuses on contextual, conceptual, psychological and experiential characteristics of boredom, while the second examines contemporary consumer practices which are viewed as practices that offer a possible “solution” for boredom. The first step sketches the socio-cultural context in order to locate the manifestation and development of boredom as a concept and a socially relevant phenomenon. The second step gives an overview of different approaches to boredom in order to draw a broader conceptual and theoretical framework. Two types of boredom are closely examined: situational and existential boredom. The third step raises the question – are there any practices that seek to offer a sort of a “cure” for boredom? Here, the focus is on consumerism, culture and the entertainment industry. Particular attention is given to the relation between everyday life, boredom and “anti-boredom” practices. The last part tackles the question – can boredom take the form of social critique?

Ključne riječi
boredom; existential boredom; situational boredom; consumerism; everyday life

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