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MADNESS OF THE CROSS Theology of martyrdom

Nikola Dogan ; Catholic Faculty of Theology in Đakovo, University of Osijek

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Theology of martyrdom proceeds from the Crucified Jesus, the
archetype of martyrdom, whose death evinces all the madness of the
cross, suffering and dying. A martyr shapes himself after God on
the cross by his sacrifice. Christian martyr is always an imitation of
Christ. Thus, it is in death that the martyr discloses the scale of life
values. Jesus’ testimony on the cross is an eschatological occurence
that has a critical attitude towards life and values of life. Jesus dies
for the life values, his life is pro-existential.
Martyrs are the value of contemporary, modern world, because
they find themselves in the value of togetherness with God and in
God, while the modern world is empty in itself. In a world of new
values the martyr brings light with his identity in God and with God.
A special sign of a martyr is his love for life, but not for death.
Conclusion: A Christian shapes himself after Christ in
his martyrdom and that is a challenge to the modern world of
hopelessness, lost identity, widespread agnosticism and relativism.
Thus, madness of the cross and the Christian’s suffering death are
God’s light for the world.

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martyrdom; testimony; witness of faith; shaping after Christ; values; truth; identity

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