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Fran Barac and the Bogoslovska Smotra

Ivica ZVONAR   ORCID icon ; Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Zagreb, Croatia

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On the occasion of the 135* anniversary of the birth of Fran Barac (1872 - 1940), the author of this article presents some of the most important details from the biography of this valued Croatian priest, theologian and scientist with special reflection on his contribution to the Bogoslovska smotra, the oldest Croatian scientific theological Journal. Barac was an associate for this journal for many years and together with Dr. Josip Pazman edited this valuable work in the period from 1912 to 1918. While he was the coeditor of the Smotra he wrote a large number of presentations of both local and foreign theological reviews and books (German, French, Austrian and ltalian). Often both he and Dr. Pazman wrote replies to readers' queries. In his works, in which he always endeavoured to be up to date, qualified and informed, it is obvious to distinguish his scientific interest and theological aspirations with the aim of deepening his knowledge about apologetics and modem philosophy. Barac published his well known expert articles and discussions about the history of religion in the Smotra from which it was obvious that he kept current in movements in philosophy, Indianology, ethnology, archaeology, etc. He was particularly interested in the development and results of archaeological and ethnological research and discoveries. He was also very interested in natural sciences and faith which were often the topic of his articles in which he proved to what level he followed and was familiar with the latest research results in the field of palaeontology and anthropology and of course their implications for man on a philosophical, spiritual and religious level. Barac's reflections clearly testify his aspiration for permanent interdisciplinary learning through studies of recent scientific literature.
As part of the Croatian Theological Academy, Barac strongly institutionally sup-ported the ideal, scientific and organisational development of the Bogoslovska smotra. His concern for the Smotra to be published and to serve to educate younger generations of scientists and priests and to popularise theological sciences were important directions in his work. Besides that, he personally financially assisted the work of the Academy and printed some of its editions. Many contemporary associates highly value his contribution to the ecclesiastic, pedagogical, scientific and political fields.

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Fran Barac; Bogoslovska smotra; Theological Faculty in Zagreb; church history; Croatian Theological Academy

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