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The Wall Chamber Named Šuplja gromila, Bilice near Šibenik

Borut Juvanec

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Corbelling is, in principle, the simplest kind of construction for spanning distances, and it uses small stones without any jointing material. The size of corbelled structures reaches up to 12 m diameter and 10 m height (Menorca/Spain). The construction principle developed from simple layering, up to arranging stone slabs to form corbels. The knowledge about and use of the principle today: the manner of construction and the stone shelters show the knowledge, insight and skill of the ancient builders, who passed their experiences down from generation to generation until it became part of the heritage. It must be said that there were no prescriptions; the principle of safety and strength was foremost, and every builder decided on the appearance and other characteristics. This is culture. The Šuplja gromila wall chamber in Bilice near Šibenik is a building of simple architecture, whose construction and aesthetic value place it alongside some other architecture in Europe, all of them stone shelters that have the same starting points. Can any time parallels be made between them? Dating structures should be the work of professionals. According to architectural elements, Šuplja gromila undoubtedly belongs to the first half of the first millennium. Article has just touched on this subject and given its outline. It is a challenge to architects to present their opinion and illuminate the glorious architecture of primitive builders.

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Bilice near Šibenik; dry masonry; stone shelter; corbelling; Šuplja gromila

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