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Helena Voda ; Tehnička škola Ruđera Boškovića, Vinkovci, Hrvatska

Puni tekst: hrvatski, pdf (113 KB) str. 131-139 preuzimanja: 23.149* citiraj
APA 6th Edition
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H. Voda, "SINONIMIJA I SINONIMI", Život i škola, vol.L, br. 12, str. 131-139, 2004. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 05.12.2021.]

This work is a review of a teaching unit on synonymy and synonyms as a part of lexicology, which is taught within the frames of the Croatian language grammar in four-year vocational schools.
Within many topics set down by the Croatian language curriculum, lexicology seems to be one of the most interesting ones for our students. This particular teaching unit, accompanied by everyday examples given by students but also those related to their future
vocation, has become and invaluable experience for both the students and the teachers.

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