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Prostor : a scholarly journal of architecture and urban planning, Vol.16 No.1(35) June 2008.

Original scientific paper

Universality of Complexity; From Geometric Spatial Concept of Modernism to Contemporary Architectural Form

Rada Čahtarević

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Čahtarević, R. (2008). Univerzalnost kompleksnosti; Od geometrijskoga prostornog koncepta modernizma do suvremene arhitektonske forme. Prostor : znanstveni časopis za arhitekturu i urbanizam, 16(1(35)), 64-75. Retrieved from

The universality of spatial form through geometric formalism, as a basis of modern spatial design, acquires new meaning in accordance with the contemporary theory of complex systems. The universality of complexity as a conceptual framework of contemporary architectural design, often accompanied by a computational support, can be found in some Modernism-based theoretical postulates and projects as a result of an intuitive spatial conception.

architectural form; geometry; complexity; computational equivalence; universality

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