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APA 6th Edition
ILIJANIĆ, LJ. (2001). LJUDEVIT ROSSI KAO HRVATSKI BOTANIČAR. Senjski zbornik, 28 (1), 291-300. Preuzeto s
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ILIJANIĆ, LJ. (2001). 'LJUDEVIT ROSSI KAO HRVATSKI BOTANIČAR', Senjski zbornik, 28(1), str. 291-300. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 17.06.2021.)
ILIJANIĆ LJ. LJUDEVIT ROSSI KAO HRVATSKI BOTANIČAR. Senjski zbornik [Internet]. 2001 [pristupljeno 17.06.2021.];28(1):291-300. Dostupno na:
LJ. ILIJANIĆ, "LJUDEVIT ROSSI KAO HRVATSKI BOTANIČAR", Senjski zbornik, vol.28, br. 1, str. 291-300, 2001. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 17.06.2021.]

Ljudevit Rossi, whose 150th anniversary of the birth has just been celebrated, was one of those botanists amateurs who with his floristic researches marked out the important period in the history of the Croatian botany. In view of the fact that he had no possibilities to be educated in natural sciences, he accepted military profession and was the Croatian Home-Guard officer. In his heart he remained always delighted with the nature, specially the world of plants, to which he, as a self-educated botanist, dedicated all his free time from his adolescence to his death and spent each saved coin for the researches therefore. He was for decades investigating Croatian flora south of the river Sava throughout the Croatian Coast inclusive. He published some 11 scientific works. The most important and extensive are the two of his last works ("Materials for the Flora of the South Croatia" and "The Review of Flora of the Croatian Coast"), which comprehend all the results of his hard, long-standing, systematic floristic researches. Of special importance is his "Herbarium Croaticum" with more than 30.000 herbarian leaves, which makes the base of the Botanical Institute Herbarium Croaticum at the Faculty of Science of the University of Zagreb.

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Ljudevit Rossi; croatian botanist

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