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Selection of the Port Management Model

Deda Đelović ; AD “Luka Bar”, Bar
Dijana Medenica ; Fakultet za poslovni menadžment, Bar

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It is often very necessary to modify port managment model by improving existing one or introducing a completely new management model. Port managmenet model has to respect the fact that role which a port tranditionally had changed in a very large scale and that ports are not any more chosen only because of their »natural hinterland« but because they became centres for value added acitivities and are nodes of the goods transport chains. Process of improving existing or introducing a new port management model,or more exactly process of port management model selection, has to be based on clearly defined objectives which are to be achieved.

There are four basic port management model: Service Port, Tool Port, Landlord Port i Private service port. Starting from appropriate theoretical considerations, on the concrete object of analysis – The Port of Bar, key elements of the port management model process selection are shown in this paper. In the process of port management model selection DELPHI method is implemented and selection of the trasformation strategy is done implementing AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) method.

Based on the results of analyses done, it is concluded that the optimal management model for The Port of Bar is – landlord model, and implementation of AHP method of multicriteria analysis results with conclusion that the best transformation strategy is restructuring.

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Management; Model; Port

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