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Studia ethnologica Croatica, Vol.20 No.1 Prosinac 2008.

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Anthropological Educational Policy in the Light of European Transformations

Jana Baćević ; 11000 Beograd, Molerova 27, Serbia

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Baćević, J. (2008). Anthropological Educational Policy in the Light of European Transformations. Studia ethnologica Croatica, 20(1), 37-55. Preuzeto s

In this text I reflect on the contemporary transformation of the educational arena within the context of European integration. The emphasis is on the processes and reactions concerning the transformation of educational policies and curricula in the (widely understood) anthropological community. I summarize some of the recent trends in British and American humanities, and trace some avenues along which anthropological reflection, research and practice concerning these issues might be conducted in the future.

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educational reform; (anthropological) educational policy; Bologna process; ethnology/anthropology in the Balkans; audit culture; critical pedagogy

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