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Anica Jušić ; Hrvatsko društvo za hospicij/palijativnu skrb

Puni tekst: hrvatski, PDF (2 MB) str. 301-309 preuzimanja: 6.106* citiraj
APA 6th Edition
Jušić, A. (2002). Eutanazija. Revija za socijalnu politiku, 9 (3), 301-309.
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A. Jušić, "Eutanazija", Revija za socijalnu politiku, vol.9, br. 3, str. 301-309, 2002. [Online].

In the introduction the author defines different kinds of euthanasia (active, passive, indirect, assisted suicide etc). Some concepts were discussed: value of human life, humanity and the autonomy of a person. In the next chapter the author presents the standpoints on the forced end of life in different societies, from ancient Greece and medieval opinions to recent results of research in the USA, England, Germany, the Netherlands and Australia. In the third chapter – Legislation related to the end of life – the author analyses the data obtained from the Council of Europe, the relevant data from Hungarian legislation and finally the data from Croatia. The final chapter provides basic information about the palliative care, which is the only ethical alternative for euthanasia.

Ključne riječi
euthanasia; palliative care; hospice; dying

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