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Sports facilities by Architect Franjo Bahovec

Ariana Štulhofer

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Sports facilities designed by Franjo Bahovec, born in 1906 in Samobor, are a rounded and complete creative opus in Zagreb's rich sports tradition and in modern Croatian architecture. They marked the town and enriched it. His most important work is the Šalata Sports and Recreation Centre, which began as a small group of tenniscourts, and during ten years, designed by Bahovec, grew into what it is today (it was completely renewed and rear ranged for the 1987 University Games). He designed the Mladost Swimming Pool, the first indoor swimming pool in Zagreb, and the Svetice Sports Center with an outdoor swimming pool. Bahovec also designed the bottom and top stations of the Sljeme cable-car, the ski lift at the top of Medvednica, and the outdoor swimming pools in Zelina and Bregana.
During the thirties, at the beginning of his professional career, he made two interesting projects in cooperation with architect A. Ulrich: plans for the Town Beach on the river Sava and for the HAŠK Sports Park beside Bukovačka Street.
Bahovec's buildings have clearly organized interiors, and simple and rational structural solutions.

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