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Origin and characteristics of the architectural form

Milan Čanković

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The architectural form arises from the natural form, but it is artificial in character and this makes it different from the natural form that behaves according to physical laws that are not geared towards any purpose. The architectural form has a functional and aesthetic task, it has content and message, it has a purpose to accomplish and a moment when this purpose is achieved.
Besides its general form of pronounced geometry, the architectural form also has a specific form, it has particulars and details that explicitly transfarm the general into the architectural form.
The architectural form combines with the funciton of the building, with the environment, organized space, material, structure and method of exection. It is their mutual interaction in the complicated process of planning and building that gives rise to an architectural structure. The architectural form had a historic beginning and archetypes, which are still intertwining and being utilized through a more complex process of genesis.
The aesthetic idea introduced the architectural form into the world ofvisual arts and their laws.
The composition ofthe architectural form shows two basic approaches to aesthetic arrangement. One is rational, planned in advance and can be controlled, but can result in rigidity if implementation is unprofessional. The other approach is based on irrational awareness and may result in an unclear work if the author has modest architecttural potentials.
The only way in which an architect can enter into the material and try to find his own way of work is to study methods of designing and analyze recognized world and Croatian architectural works.

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