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Common life of cattle in a herd

Velibor Obradović
Pero Mijić
Ivan Knežević
Mirjana Baban

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V. Obradović, P. Mijić, I. Knežević i M. Baban, "Suživot goveda u stadu", Stočarstvo, vol.60, br. 1, str. 69-75, 2006. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 25.01.2020.]

Cattle in nature lives in smaller peaceful herds made with cows and their offsprings. Each individual animal (bull, cow, calf) has its place within the herd. Holding together, the animals find it easier to see and avoid enemies that threaten them. Lonely animals hardly survive. Relationship of the cattle one to each other is careful and patient. In each herd there are stabile hierarchy relationships because it is known exactly who is who in the herd, who is above whom and who is below whom. Because of hierarchy like this, the cattle herd is a relatively safe «institution» that survives even in the most rigorous natural conditions. In the intensive way of breeding, a great number of cattle is kept in small spaces so the tensions amongst animals are higher. To prevent conflicts, especially among bulls, there are many unpopular methods used, such as binding the cattle or reducing the life space and removing the horns. That is why there should be built barns big enough where each animal would have anough space.

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cattle; common life; herd

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