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National Security of Macedonia

Siniša Tatalović ; Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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After gaining independence in 1991, Macedonia set off on the hard path of maintaining independence and territorial integrity. Fully disarmed, rife with great internal problems and conflicts, surrounded by hostile neighbours, Macedonia has been building its national security system. Due to its modest economic and security resources, it has relied on generous foreign aid, primarily that of the USA, which have considered Macedonia the pillar of its politics on the Balkans. Regarding its national security system build-up and the integration into the international security organisations, Macedonia has accomplished a lot, but is still faced with an array of problems, caused by the internal (primarily ethnic) strifes and the volatility of its environment, particularly in Kosovo. In case of armed conflicts that might – due to any reasons – beset Macedonia, and concerning its economic underdevelopment and military might, there is a small chance for successful defence in a probable simultaneous conflict with the internal para-military units and armies of (possibly) several neighbouring countries.

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