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Clergy in Whirlpool of the Social Changes

Bono Zvonimir ŠAGI ; Croatian Capuchin Province of St. Leopold Bogdan Mandić, Zagreb, Croatia

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The most important changes which a pastoral ministry is facing or going to face more describes it phenomenologically. Analyzing that we try to point out that taking functional position in this changes are possible for Church community, and emphasize tasks which stands in front of Church practice. Political-social-economical and social-ethical change: establishment of democratic state in its democratic form, pluralism, transition to the new economical model, transition from social into private ownership, from planned into the market economy and free enterprise; for our Croatian condition -from experiment of selfgoverment type company into relatively rigid relationship between the employer-employee, put a social-ethical question on the first place. It is necessary, in the present changes, laying down a new fundament of social morality which emphasize value of freedom, enterprise, production and market in face of equality, fair distribution and social justice. A concrete task of the Church praxis is introducing real Evangelical spirit into social evaluation system which, now, takes shape afresh. Changed Church social position, enable her to act in public freely but ask from her specific confrontation with social reality and to act as ethics corrective. Within these tasks we describe pastoral duties. Further, it is not enough to have only a pastor but an organically structured community. Pastoral, especially on the level of local communities (parishes), has to be capable to analyze objectively an existing situation, and to do it in the light of Good News with a special stress on social teaching of the Church. That is reason why we need organized and programed pastoral, who will participate more in Church congregation and in its laic's part. However, it requires abandoning paternalistical and authoritative model still prevailing in pastoral, his not enough, anymore, to have a priestly profile of a pastoral worker. Pastor, should be qualified to deal with pluralistic and socially ambient. He, too, must have been accustomed to the other pastoral associates. It is, too, necessary to build another profiles of pastoral ministries (catechist, parishes helper etc.).

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society; postcommunism; social; ethics; value; pastoral; economy; communitarianism

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