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Weather the Picture of the Priest in the Church is Changing?

Milan ŠIMUNOVIĆ ; Theology in Rijeka, Dislocated Studies of Catholic Faculty of Theology, University of Zagreb, Rijeka, Croatia

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Starting point in this explication is necessity, expressed on the Second Vatican Council, and as well present pastoral situations, that the picture of the pastor, that is, his role and place in the Church, should be rethought, as an authentic answer to his mission. Following Council's ecclesiology of community and on the base of modern man consciousness about his dignity surface necessity for more active cooperation and co-responsibility, with widening an accent put on a meaning of »priesthood«, respectively a pastoral worker, from ministerial clergy toward laics, starting from catechists to the all other ministres.
Taking consideration changing a priesthood picture, they should put the accents on those roles that suit the most to the Church and expectance of contemporary man who is very keen on relations within Church marked with division »clergy-laics« and relations stipulated with it. Obviously, among and into this new hallmark of priesthood enter dialogic characteristics of his work. Ecclesiological principle of community ask for a pastor who can build it up and to collect and congregate believers, what is his evangelic task. Today, new evangelical movement emphasizes it. Building up a community demands that pastor is animator and coordinator of Church life and activity and within that range propagator of a new laic's ministries in the Church. He is a witness of the faith and he transfers its messages and experiences. That enables him to be more and more spiritual therapist and leader. To fulfill this task he should be the man of ideas that means, he must have clear vision what he is heading for, what is in actuality eschatological purpose of Church existence.

Ključne riječi
pastor-priest; dialog; evangelization; a ministry in the Church; relation to the laics

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