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Croatica et Slavica Iadertina, Vol.4 No.4. Veljača 2009.

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Rafaela Božić-Šejić ; Odsjek za ruski jezik i književnost, Odjel za kroatistiku i slavistiku, Sveučilište u Zadru, Zadar, Hrvatska

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Božić-Šejić, R. (2008). RUSKI STIHOLOZI I PROUČAVANJE POETSKE SINTAKSE. Croatica et Slavica Iadertina, 4(4.), 245-263. Preuzeto s

Poetic syntax is one of the least analyzed aspects of poetic language, mostly due to the fact that syntax is one of the most complex levels of language. However, in the past few decades, Russian authors have made a significant contribution to the study of verse. This paper gives an overview of the development of the study of poetic syntax in Russian science, starting from O Brik, who was the first to notice a connection between syntax and rhythm at the beginning of the 20th century. This was followed by studies of many other Russian linguists such as Zhirmunskij, Ejhenbaum and Tomashevskij and more recent research was carried out by Gasparov and M.I. Shapir, who introduced new methods and approaches. Other authors who also contributed to the development of syntax study in poetry are also mentioned in the paper. Their works, however, have not been analyzed in detail. The paper also points out new directions in the research of poetic syntax because many syntactic elements in poetry are not influenced by rhythm.

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Ejhenbaum; Gasparov; poetic syntax; Shapir; Tomashevskij; Zhirmunskij

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