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On life after death

Nikola Skledar ; Institute for Social Research in Zagreb, Croatia

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N. Skledar, "O životu poslije smrti", Sociologija i prostor, vol.43, br. 2 (168), str. 371-381, 2005. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 13.08.2020.]

This paper deals firstly with death as an imminent constituent and
destiny of a transient and eventual human earthly life and the man's
relations hip to death itself, and to possible eternal life of the soul
after physical death in an other worldliness as the man's biggest
enigma and mystery. Furthermore, in the second part of the paper
we examine the answers of the representative sample of the respondents to the question from the survey: »What do you think
about life after death?«, Even more than it was expected, these
answers show a considerable inconsistency and unpredictability of
declared believers and non-believers in relation to this tough and
eternal human problem. However, this can partly be explained as a
consequence of ignorance and lack of concentration of the respondents during the long lasting interview but at any rate also as
an outcome of the difficulties and dilemmas when faced with this
complex, enigmatic, never-ending and actual human question.

Ključne riječi
death; relationship towards death; life after death; religiosity; non-religiosity

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